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Invest in Swiss real estate simply.

Read more about SIPA crowd immo in Bon à Savoir magazine on 29 November 2023.


Invest in Swiss real estate simply and securely

Net returns up to 7% p.a. Minimum investment 49'000-. Turnkey concept. Immediate returns. Local partner.


Invest in real estate equity to benefit from attractive returns!

Read more about SIPA crowd immo in the 28 August 2023 issue of Le Temps.


Invest in mortgage-free property and generate returns of up to 7% a year!

Discover SIPA crowd immo in LE TEMPS dated 26 June 2023


Why is participative property investment so popular in Switzerland these days?

"Thanks to a simple and rigorous process, SIPA crowd immo offers its clients a tailor-made service, taking care of all the financial and legal details related to the acquisition of the property, to ensure a sustainable and profitable return on their investment."


SIPA crowd immo finances 100% of its investment project in Ardon (Valais)

"The Swiss equity investment company is expanding its range of products and services, and will soon be offering its shareholders the opportunity to benefit from a new investment project in the canton of Vaud with an interest of over 5%. "


SIPA crowd immo expands its business in the canton of Vaud

"The Lausanne-based company will be offering a new building as a participative investment (...). The Swiss equity investment company will soon enable its shareholders to invest in this new project and benefit from a net annual return of more than 5%. "


SIPA crowd immo confirms the success of its participative investment strategy with the acquisition of a new high-yield building

" To enable future buyers to invest in an investment property in Ardon and receive a net return on equity of 5.83% per annum. "


SIPA crowd immo strengthens its portfolio of properties

"Building on the success of its previously financed offer in the municipality of Dorénaz, SIPA crowd immo has just acquired a new investment property worth more than CHF 9 million".