The SIPA crowd immo team, participative investment professionals in Switzerland

SIPA crowd immo SA is a subsidiary of SIPA Group SA, a major private equity player in French-speaking Switzerland since 2006.

About us

SIPA crowd immo is reinventing property crowdfunding and establishing itself as an independent player in Swiss property investment.

Becoming a co-owner of an investment property is finally within reach. We are the guarantors of the properties selected according to a rigorous purchasing process. That’s the promise of our disruptive concept: participative property ownership.

We are a team of professional advisers, passionate about operational management and customer satisfaction.

We are diversifying our business portfolio and constantly innovating. To date, we have developed assets worth 250 million francs through multiple activities: sea freight, and real estate.

We want to create value for our customers, our partners and our employees. We want to make a difference in real estate investment through our expertise and the excellence of our services, which are specially designed to meet our customers' needs.

Our team of professionals with a passion for property investment, sales, marketing and operational management is available to meet you and answer your questions.

We are diversifying our portfolio of activities and constantly innovating.
We are diversifying our portfolio of activities and constantly innovating.

Meet our founders

Martin Almdal
Martin Almdal
Co-founder & CEO
Why did you create SIPA crowd immo?

I set up SIPA crowd immo because there was a clear need in the (local) market for individuals to have access to the excellent returns offered by investing in property.

Originally from Denmark, Martin discovered Switzerland in 1997. Little did he know that he would start a family here, but he ended up settling here permanently and becoming a Swiss citizen in 2017.

As Manager of SIPA Group SA, he is involved in a wide range of activities, as can be seen from his professional experience. Martin has always worked in the world of finance, whether in stock markets, private placements or real estate financing.

A specialist in investments, he is now further diversifying his activities with the launch of SIPA crowd immo SA.

- The synergy of all our activities is to make the inaccessible, accessible to everyone. "

The (Swiss) property market remains one of the strongest and most resilient in Europe, but delivering solid returns to most property investors can seem a daunting task.

Typically, capital requirements exceed the financial capacity that investors can afford, but thanks to our platform, we offer simplified access and our clients benefit not only from solid returns, but also from a transparent structure.

It's a pleasure to work in our Group. Every day I'm surrounded by some very talented people, whether it's the teams in the administration department, the analysts who scrutinise the markets rigorously or the incredible customer relations advisers. These are the people who ultimately nourish the soul of our company, and I feel privileged to work alongside them.

Alan Andersen
Co-founder & CFO
What's in it for investors?

At a time of zero or negative interest rates and uncertainty in the financial markets, property investments offer cautious savers a stable return on their capital.

Director of SIPA crowd immo and Director of Investments for the various departments of SIPA Group SA. Alan specialises in portfolio management and high-potential investments such as real estate and shipping.

Alan has over 23 years' experience in the financial sector serving Swiss and international clients, including the last 13 years with the SIPA Group.

- The benefits of owning property as an investment have long been proven. This is particularly true in Switzerland, where more than 70% of the population live in rented accommodation, and demand is rising all the time.

Many properties are specifically designed for the rental market. By owning the whole building, economies of scale and risk diversification allow owners to maximise returns. SIPA crowd immo identifies properties that meet strict criteria, such as demographics, income, costs and price, giving owners the security that a stable income can be generated.

SIPA crowd immo offers turnkey investments. All buildings are incorporated as a single company, with a mortgage and initial management contract attached. Shareholders retain overall control of the building, determining all strategic decisions at the annual general meeting, ensuring complete peace of mind that their interests always come first.

Alan Andersen
Swen Grau
Swen Grau
Head of Business Excellence
Why did you choose to join SIPA crowd immo?

Swiss real estate remains a feudal model reserved for an elite and based on a process that has not evolved for a century. SIPA Immo offers a profitable and reliable alternative solution for a more active public in simplified investment with an interest in sustainable development. A new type of alternative investment, combining simplicity, profitability and sustainability in a sector that has always been considered a safe haven.

A simple private investment fund made accessible to independent investors acting together on behalf of all. A model that eliminates the costs associated with large investment funds, the risk of minor fluctuations compared with equity markets, and a basic investment sum that is much lower than the purchase of a property in its entirety in Switzerland.

All this via a simplified legal and administrative process managed by a team of experts. With over 20 years' experience of supporting its international customers and a commitment to environmentally-friendly solutions. SIPA crowd immo is emerging as a key player in sustainable participative investment in Switzerland.

Originally from Montreux, but having spent his childhood between Lake Geneva and the mountains, Swen spent 14 years in Switzerland in the technology, consulting and management sectors. After more than 12 years in the USA and South America, he decided to return to his roots and his homeland.

Active in a variety of fields, but always related to technology and real estate in the broadest sense. A specialist in Business Excellence, Organisational Management and ESG (environmental, social and governance criteria), he brings solid organisational and ecological experience to our Group.

Armelle Peoc’h
Administrative Manager
What is the aim of SIPA crowd immo?

The initial aim of our company is to democratise access to stone through our innovative concept.

- "Customer satisfaction is our main motivating factor, a lever that encourages our teams to progress".

Our aim is to use our know-how, resources and organisation to support our customers throughout the relationship, on the road to a successful project that meets their expectations. That's why we constantly evaluate our work process and refine it as necessary. All with one aim in mind: to provide superior customer service.

Armelle has a Swiss Federal Diploma in Real Estate and has worked for a number of well-known estate agencies on the Côte d'Opale, where she is originally from. In particular, she has held the positions of rental department manager, property affairs assistant and, finally, assistant property manager.

In 2016, Armelle joined SIPA Group SA as Back-Office Manager and at the same time obtained her diploma in business administration. By taking part in the creation and development of SIPA crowd immo SA, she is returning to her chosen field.

Armelle Peoc’h
Laura Schweizer
Head of Digital Marketing
What is your role at SIPA crowd immo?

As Head of Digital Marketing at SIPA crowd immo, I have implemented a solid multi-channel marketing strategy aimed at achieving the defined objectives and supporting the day-to-day work of the sales teams. I manage our brand's marketing activities to support the financing of our investment projects and promote the concept and values of SIPA crowd immo.

Laura completed her studies with a Masters in Business Law and an MBA in Luxury Marketing. Trilingual, she is fluent in French, English and German. She has also worked internationally (Paris, London, Düsseldorf, Geneva and Zurich). An expert in digital marketing and business development (Swiss real estate and the luxury goods industry), she carries out her assignments with precision and commitment.

Commercial Director
What's your biggest daily challenge?

Educating people about how to invest and making them aware that they can adopt new strategies to boost their savings. A new movement is underway with the emergence of property crowdfunding, and future investors need to know that there are relevant and comprehensive property investment solutions.

I've been part of the SIPA crowd immo team for 10 years. I'm a hands-on person, and my passion for my job and my knowledge of my customers' needs naturally lead me to offer them a financing package tailored to their personal and financial situation.

Morgan Peuvrel
Karim Doutchih
Karim Doutchih
Customer Advisor
What qualities are essential for this job?

There are three main ones:

  • Listening to my customers to help them meet their needs.
  • Honesty to build a healthy relationship based on trust.
  • Excellent knowledge of the market and an ability to keep abreast of current events, to be able to assess the various trends that are emerging.

From China to the Emirates via Lithuania, Karim has worked in a variety of sectors, including tobacco, pharmaceuticals, agri-food and finance.

With a strong ability to adapt and a Master's degree in Management, he has built up a relationship of trust with his clients based on a detailed understanding of their strategy, business and needs.

Ludovic Meneghini
Customer Advisor
What aspect of your work do you enjoy most?

What I appreciate most about my job is the wealth and diversity of experience I get in advisory work. At SIPA crowd immo, I have the opportunity to offer innovative financial products that think outside the box. This company allows me to do what I really love: interact with people. I particularly enjoy being able to support my customers in their projects and offer them personalized solutions tailored to their specific needs. It's very gratifying to see the positive impact I can have on their financial journey. Translated with (free version)

Ludovic joined our team in 2023 as a Customer Advisor. He brings with him a rich and diversified experience in consulting and sales. With nearly 15 years of international experience, notably in Canada, Ludovic has acquired solid expertise and a unique perspective on the market. His decision to come to Switzerland marks a new stage in his career, motivated by his desire to take on new challenges and bring added value to our company.

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Mélissa Hickel, conseillère clientèle SIPA crowd immo
Mélissa Hickel
Customer Advisor
Can you tell us about your best experience at SIPA crowd immo?

The Elle Spirit Open tennis tournament! We organised a cocktail reception and invited our clients to join us for the event. It gave me the chance to see first-hand what it's like to invest in property and crowdfunding, and to make some valuable business contacts. My career in banking and then for a major energy supplier helped me to hone my customer relations skills. I'm now ready to take on the assignments that come my way.

Mélissa joined SIPA Crowd Immo just over a year ago and carefully guides our customers in their choice of investment opportunities, ensuring that each project is followed through to completion. Her skills in listening, analysing and communicating enable her to respond precisely to individual needs. For Mélissa, customer relations are essential. She believes that each person deserves unique attention, and her main aim is to build customer loyalty by creating relationships based on trust and satisfaction.

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